Variant Factory

Complex metalworking company "Variant Factory" offers full range of services on production and processing of products and their components of plate and pipe metal.

We fulfill batch orders of any complexity for assurance of the customers' needs in different spheres of industry. Our multiyear successful working experience professionalism of our staff and adherence to the international quality standards guarantees quality fulfillment of orders of different complexity. We find it important to achieve maximum result and meet all demands and requests of the customer.

We also highly appreciate multiyear trust of our clients to us and maintain all the required confidentiality regarding information we work with.


Use of the up-to-date equipment and new developments allows performing orders with quality and avoiding parts deformation. We are constantly investing in equipment subject to the last technological achievements that allow making precise and flexible settings for production of most non-standard parts. Our production cycle allows making, after the required design preparation, single, medium-size and large-size batches of prducts without substantial time loss for readjustment of equipment.

Owing to computer 3D modeling and specialized parts marking we try to reach the lowest level of waste during the metalworking. We appreciate trust of our customers during delivery of their material for our processing and feel the responsibility for the result, laid at us.

Powerful and modern equipment and presence of our own warehouse of metal for cutting allow us providing quick, quality and inexpensive metalworking services. Our clients choose us for:

  • guarantee of quality, speed, attentive attitude to the metal provided by the customer
  • most up-to-date machines and broad opportunities of technical equipment
  • advices of professionals
  • arrangement of delivery to the customer’s warehouse
  • confidence in result