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Variant Factory

Complex metalworking company Variant Factory offers full range of services on production and processing of products and their components of plate and pipe metal.

We fulfill batch orders of any complexity for assurance of the customers' needs in different spheres of industry. Our multiyear successful working experience professionalism of our staff and adherence to the international quality standards guarantees quality fulfillment of orders of different complexity. We find it important to achieve maximum result and meet all demands and requests of the customer.

We also highly appreciate multiyear trust of our clients to us and maintain all the required confidentiality regarding information we work with.


Use of the up-to-date equipment and new developments allows performing orders with quality and avoiding parts deformation. We are constantly investing in equipment subject to the last technological achievements that allow making precise and flexible settings for production of most non-standard parts. Our production cycle allows making, after the required design preparation, single, medium-size and large-size batches of products without substantial time loss for readjustment of equipment.

Owing to computer 3D modeling and specialized parts marking we try to reach the lowest level of waste during the metalworking. We appreciate trust of our customers during delivery of their material for our processing and feel the responsibility for the result, laid at us.

Powerful and modern equipment and presence of our own warehouse of metal for cutting allow us providing quick, quality and inexpensive metalworking services. Our clients choose us for:

  • guarantee of quality, speed, attentive attitude to the metal provided by the customer
  • most up-to-date machines and broad opportunities of technical equipment
  • advices of professionals
  • arrangement of delivery to the customer’s warehouse
  • confidence in result

For us responsibility and professionalism are not just mere words, but company philosophy, shared and maintained by all the staff members. We are convinced that we can be a leader only if every company employee adheres to the general rules of behavior and moral. We appreciate honesty, openness and trust inside the staff. Building efficient communication between all the participants allows performing orders more quickly, ensuring strict connection between contractors on various production areas and stages of order fulfillment and bringing customers ideas and plans into the ready products.

We consider that development of industry is possible only due to open work of all participating companies on the market. The company adheres to general rules of straight business practices that allow making new working places for it, attracting the best professionals, improving the employees’ qualification level and being worthy participant of the world market due to establishment of high working standards. Our employees undergo international internship and training.



Design Engineering

The most modern and beneficial way to imagine your product or construction part is use of the 3D modeling technology that allows viewing the final variant of metal construction or part from any perspective long before the product is finished.

Variant Factory offers computer 3D design of your future products and preparation of the necessary design documentation.

3D graphics allows making three-dimensional models of various objects, following their geometric form and imitating the way of their future production. To receive complete idea of the certain object, one should view it from all sides, from various points, in different light. 3D graphics allows making demonstrative image, and in case of necessity and if requested by a customer the demonstrational video may be made with the reflection of virtual model of the product, creation process of which just begins.

We use 3D MAX and Solid Works – the most renowned and most spread software products for 3D design.

During development of the product design we first of all try to find understanding of your vision of project. Our experts attempt to find individual approach to engineering and design of each part in order to further on create the optimal part form and functions, as well as optimize costs of its production.
Our design engineering department is a part of the big metalworking company and that is why our design engineers are oriented at the practical use of the designed metal products. Huge experience and know-how in metal laser cutting, bending and welding allows our design engineering department offering really efficient solutions for our customers.

Design engineers of Variant Factory develop and introduce to production the programs and projects for CNC working centers and namely automated robotic welding machines for metal laser cutting that significantly increase speed of big orders fulfillment.

We also use 3D model for object description and control at production. Correspondingly after all the works are finished we receive maximum precise detail.
Design solutions allow cutting time for the project performance and products issue reducing possible mistakes increasing quality of design documentation, and in case of use of the software-operated equipment – preparing data needed for this in the necessary format. The full range of tasks solved with the help of design is extremely broad.

Besides the modeling allows within the design process seeing the places one cannot see in reality for instance the inside of the combustion-type engine or seeing the places the human eye cannot reach.

We will also give free advice to your design engineers regarding capacities of our equipment and advise design peculiarities during production of parts with laser cutting and bending.


Plate Laser Cutting

One of the priority directions of Variant Factory activity on the European market is provision of services on metal cutting with laser. We use one of the most powerful and most up-to-date laser machines that allows us cutting stainless steel with thickness up to 15 mm, aluminum – up to 8 mm and black metal up to 20 mm. Due to maximum productive capacity and high quality features the equipment of our metalworking complex perfectly suits for both processing of individual orders and big batches of products. Along with the automation of production an important element for us still remains the professional approach and careful attitude of the employees to the laser cutting results.

Technology of plate metal laser cutting

Metalworking with laser is an automated and highly-technological process that has a range of important advantages if compared to other ways of metal cutting:

  • Optional part configuration - the geometric form of parts and part contour complexity level designed for cutting by laser are actually restricted only by imagination of designer or design engineer. The technology of metal laser cutting allows making in the material openings of very small size with diameter from 1 mm.
  • Quality cutting surface no residual deformation on the part – process computerization and lack of mechanical influence allows avoiding residual deformation of cutting contours as well as minimizing temporary deformations as during the laser cutting there are no immediate contact with the metal surface. Moreover owing to laser temperature features the part edge tempering that enhances its strength takes place.
  • High precision of laser cutting equipment – there is no need in further mechanical bringing of the part to the set dimensions as precision of laser cutting is 0.1 mm.
  • Low material waste – laser metal cutting is performed subject to the ready schemes and drawings that makes the process almost wasteless due to minimization of trimmings and remains. Laser metal cutting allows substantial economy with small product batches as it is more practical and reasonable to perform laser metal tailoring than to additionally purchase quite expensive casting molds and dies or matrices especially for small-batch production.
  • Speed and automation of laser cutting process – automated metal cutting differs from other ways with its speed that is a substantial advantage especially for performance of large-scale industrial orders. Substantial reduction of human factor part due to production automation allows greatly optimizing expenses and simultaneously increasing precision of laser tailoring and final quality of products.
  • Laser cutting of various metals – Laser cutting does not deform thin plate metal and is safe for materials with mirror and glazed surface.

Laser ray gives opportunity for easy performance of additional constructional elements and part marking that simplifies further construction bending folding and welding. It is also possible to perform technological laser engraving of the part.

Equipment technical capacities
  • Plate dimensions — 3000 х 1500 mm.
  • Positioning precision — to 0.05 mm.
  • Cutting width — from 0.3 to 0.65 mm.
  • Cutting speed — to 10 m/min.

Maximum cutting thickness for different materials:

  • black metal ≤20 mm;
  • stainless steel ≤15 mm.
  • aluminum alloys ≤8 мм.

For your convenience we offer cost estimate of laser cutting, based on length of contours of part to be cut. If you know summary perimeter of part contour and material length you can assess the cost of making your parts by yourself. You can get preliminary cost with calculator of pipe and plate metal cutting.

We undertake all the responsibility for the obtained result of the order performance and that is why high level of professionalism and careful attention are key principles in the engineers work. Quality of the performed details depends on metal it will be made of. We will always manage to select for you a high-quality material with necessary features at our warehouse.

The received products go through initial multistage quality control. The complex of these events allows us taking leader positions in the metalworking industry in Ukraine and abroad.

If you still have any questions or need to specify – we will be happy to provide you all the necessary information in a way, convenient to you.


Combination of different ways of machining allows obtaining parts of any complexity. One of priority directions of our company’s activity is provision of machining services. We grant our clients a complex of turning and milling services. Dimensions, form and surface cleanness of the parts, manufactured by hammering, casing, rolling and other methods not always correspond to the working drawings. To provide the products with necessary features, the workpiece blanks are processed on the metal-cutting machines. After this we obtain ready products of the set dimensions or intermediary blanks for further technological operations. Machining allows making surfaces with high dimensional precision and roughness.

Turning Process Technology

Turning is one of the most popular ways of metal working that allows making from an ordinary blank a full-pledged product, or suitable element/component of the mechanism. In the course of turning the extra metal is taken away during a part movement, so the part sharpens, acquires necessary dimensions or needed surface type. Complete process automation ensures rapid parts working with high precision and quality.

Among the benefits of turning works there are the following:
  • manufacture of parts with very complex geometry
  • opportunity to process cylindrical, profiled, tapered or side surfaces
  • grinding out grooves and working openings with high precision and quality of parts manufacture
  • external turning (working of part’s external surface) , undercutting (work with side surfaces) and boring (work with internal surfaces)
  • minimum waste, possible subsequent chip re-melting
Milling process technology

Milling processing is performed with specialized tool (milling cutter) that performs rotation movements. The milling cutter is a cutting tool with several blades. Milling cutter looks like a disc with teeth located circlewise. During the milling processing the part is gradually moved with regard to cutting tool (milling cutter) in one of three directions: longitudinal, vertical or transverse.

Milling processing is now widely used in industry as it allows obtaining smooth parts of planned dimensions and complex form without drawbacks.

Among other advantages of milling processing there are the following:
  • reduction of defects volume
  • increase of efficiency
  • manufacture of batch details with complex surface geometry in big amount

Experts of our company will ensure precision of the parts production, fulfillment of orders in big volumes and complete correspondence of the end products to the provided drawings.


Metal Bending

Variant Factory offers its customers services on bending metal for manufacture of various elements for constructions or equipment details. The result of technological process are massive products of the most diverse forms and dimensions for the industry, construction or commerce, and is the most appropriate way of forming massive parts.

Metal bending is a part of technological process, among the benefits of which there are the following:

  • lack of breakdowns or defects
  • preservation of material strength and corrosion resistance
  • making the products look more aesthetic.

The equipment of Variant Factory also includes beading hydraulic multiaxial presses with CNC, produced by famous brands AMADA and Finn Power, that generate power up to 200kN and are meant for work with plate blanks up to 8 mm wide, and performance of bending with length of lines up to 3000mm.

We calculate cost of metal bending individually subject to the design engineering documentation, provided by the customer. Qualification of our staff and experience of our company allow performing tasks of different complexity and controlling all the stages of manufacturing process. And this is the only way to ensure fulfillment of customers’ orders with maximum result. The customers may be convinced that their material, having undergone all the necessary processes, will acquire exactly the form the customer expects and will preserve its initial peculiarities and quality.

Moreover, metal bending allows reducing cost of blank or product manufacturing process. Besides, automation of processes and high precision ensures efficiency and speed of orders fulfillment of different complexity levels. Owing to combination with laser cutting, a range of products to be produced with use of metal bending is significantly expanded.


Manual welding

Variant Factory proceeds with increase of its level of performance of manual welding processes as one of the leading technological means of metal working. The company pays much attention to use of quality materials, and that is why we introduced control of quality of processes and materials subject to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 standards.

In order to meet all the customers’ demands, Variant Factory specialists use the modern welding equipment of world leaders XXXXXXX and XXXXXX and quality welding leads and gas mixtures. Company engineers develop procedures for welding operations that allow fulfilling even the most complex orders. Qualification of our specialist regarding compliance with the requirements of international and national standards was confirmed by Bureau Veritas – world leader of testing, inspection and certification.

Welding of metal, namely, stainless steel has become widely used in main production spheres with use of rolled metal products due to a range of benefits:

  • high manoeuvring capacities,
  • welding seams are performed in different special positions,
  • opportunity to weld different materials with high thickness,
  • drastic reduction of metal consumption,
  • short time period for fulfillment of works,
  • decrease of production processes labor content.

At present, the company performs the following types of welding:

  • Electric arc welding
  • Contact welding


Metal Coating

Industrial coating in Variant Factory company is performed by means of powder coating. Ecologically clean wasteless technology allows getting decorative and decorative-protective polymer coatings on the modern coating equipment.

After cleaning, product surface acquires peculiarities that cannot be reached with use of conventional technologies:

  • atmospheric durability and resistance to ultraviolet rays activity;
  • chemical resistance to solutions of multiple acids, alkalies, oil products and some organic solvents;
  • high strength, impact value, elasticity;
  • opportunity to make coating of 150 µm with one application
  • wide range of colors (RAL pallet) and special effects that unite protective and decorative features for making all textures, color shades, surfaces with different levels of gloss and texture impression.

To assure maximum coating quality we use up-to-date equipment of world leader in powder coating, company XXXXXXXX that allows making coating of product with the following dimensions:

  • length ≤ 3 m
  • height ≤ 1.5 m

Moreover, after coating the company employees can perform assembly and packing or ready products upon request.

Qualification and experience of our employees and use of powerful equipment allow performing coating of products for 1 to 5 days since the moment of delivery.


Variant Factory provides the entire complex of metalworking services, including assembly.

We perform assembly of ready parts and metal constructions:

  • Machine assembly.
  • Electric assembly.
  • Assembly of electric details on specific antistatic assembly sites.

Assembly works are included to the company’s service package, but are not provided as a separate service.


It is important for us to deliver completed orders to customers in a perfect condition. For this reason, our employees perform packing of all the products with the protective materials that suit for each element – film, pallets, foam. Each part has individual packing to avoid possible damaging during transportation.

Most of the produced parts are packed by the company employees into wooden boxes with relevant marking of Variant Factory.

Quality packing of produced metal parts and constructions allows delivering ready orders over substantial distance without risk of damaging during transportation.


The company takes care of its manufactured products and offers its customers the way of orders delivery that suits them the best:

  • by the transport, owned by our company;
  • by the transport companies;
  • by customer pickup.

We perform delivery of metal products with reliable cargo transportation companies we cooperate with for many years. The terms of delivery depend on the place of location of customer’s warehouse, dimensions of order, and preliminary agreement with customer. Delivery is performed to warehouse of Nova Poshta transport company in a customer’s city or to any other place. A manager will find the most efficient option for you and you won’t have to bother with the logistics issues and search for the best delivery option.

Our employees will load the entire order, regardless of the method of delivery.



Variant Factory Ltd

European manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding. Variant Factory offers for every application the appropriate system: Wall formwork, Slab formwork, Climbing formwork, Special formwork, Column formwork.

Variant Factory Ltd. is a part of a production corporation consisting of five enterprises involved in metal working (blanking, rolling, cutting etc.) and in manufacturing of metal working machinery.

The enterprise makes every effort to produce goods and to render services of the quality consistent with the customers' expectations. The customers' service level is increased due to the permanent investment process oriented to the production plant modernization, diversification, manufactured products quality control, and our specialists' skills improvement.



The company takes care of its manufactured products and offers its customers the way of orders delivery that suits them the best:

  • by the transport, owned by our company;
  • by the transport companies;
  • by customer pickup.

We perform delivery of metal products with reliable cargo transportation companies we cooperate with for many years. The terms of delivery depend on the place of location of customer’s warehouse, dimensions of order, and preliminary agreement with customer. Delivery is performed to warehouse of Nova Poshta transport company in a customer’s city or to any other place. A manager will find the most efficient option for you and you won’t have to bother with the logistics issues and search for the best delivery option.

Our employees will load the entire order, regardless of the method of delivery.


Variant Agro Build

Variant Agrobuild is the leading company providing equipment for animal breeding (farrow machines, machines for insemination, feeding and watering systems, manure removal systems, hygienic floor systems and much more) and silos.


Industry Ukraine Ltd

Industry Ukraine Ltd. provides a wide range of different construction materials and equipment: plasterboard systems, woodworking machinery, facade systems, etc.


Kharkov Plant of Stamps and Molds

Kharkov Plant of Stamps and Molds is engaged in producing different stamps and molds.