Metal Bending

Variant Factory offers its customers services on bending metal for manufacture of various elements for constructions or equipment details. The result of technological process are massive products of the most diverse forms and dimensions for the industry, construction or commerce, and is the most appropriate way of forming massive parts.

Metal bending is a part of technological process, among the benefits of which there are the following:

  • lack of breakdowns or defects
  • preservation of material strength and corrosion resistance
  • making the products look more aesthetic.

The equipment of Variant Factory also includes beading hydraulic multiaxial presses with CNC, produced by famous brands AMADA and Finn Power, that generate power up to 200kN and are meant for work with plate blanks up to 8 mm wide, and performance of bending with length of lines up to 3000mm.

We calculate cost of metal bending individually subject to the design engineering documentation, provided by the customer. Qualification of our staff and experience of our company allow performing tasks of different complexity and controlling all the stages of manufacturing process. And this is the only way to ensure fulfillment of customers’ orders with maximum result. The customers may be convinced that their material, having undergone all the necessary processes, will acquire exactly the form the customer expects and will preserve its initial peculiarities and quality.

Moreover, metal bending allows reducing cost of blank or product manufacturing process. Besides, automation of processes and high precision ensures efficiency and speed of orders fulfillment of different complexity levels. Owing to combination with laser cutting, a range of products to be produced with use of metal bending is significantly expanded.