Our corporation

Variant Factory Ltd


European manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding. Variant Factory offers for every application the appropriate system: Wall formwork, Slab formwork, Climbing formwork, Special formwork, Column formwork.

Variant Factory Ltd. is a part of a production corporation consisting of five enterprises involved in metal working (blanking, rolling, cutting etc.) and in manufacturing of metal working machinery.

The enterprise makes every effort to produce goods and to render services of the quality consistent with the customers' expectations. The customers' service level is increased due to the permanent investment process oriented to the production plant modernization, diversification, manufactured products quality control, and our specialists' skills improvement.



The company takes care of its manufactured products and offers its customers the way of orders delivery that suits them the best:

  • by the transport, owned by our company;
  • by the transport companies;
  • by customer pickup.

We perform delivery of metal products with reliable cargo transportation companies we cooperate with for many years. The terms of delivery depend on the place of location of customer’s warehouse, dimensions of order, and preliminary agreement with customer. Delivery is performed to warehouse of Nova Poshta transport company in a customer’s city or to any other place. A manager will find the most efficient option for you and you won’t have to bother with the logistics issues and search for the best delivery option.

Our employees will load the entire order, regardless of the method of delivery.


Variant Agro Build

Variant Agrobuild is the leading company providing equipment for animal breeding (farrow machines, machines for insemination, feeding and watering systems, manure removal systems, hygienic floor systems and much more) and silos.


Industry Ukraine Ltd

Industry Ukraine Ltd. provides a wide range of different construction materials and equipment: plasterboard systems, woodworking machinery, facade systems, etc.


Kharkov Plant of Stamps and Molds

Kharkov Plant of Stamps and Molds is engaged in producing different stamps and molds.