Quality control department

An important constituent of the management system in our company is control of activity and production results pursuant to the international quality requirements, regulatory documents, systems of quality assessment and company plans.

The strategic objective of our company is correspondence of activity results to the world’s highest quality standards. To achieve these objectives we have developed and introduced, pursuant to requirements of ISO 9001:2008 international standard, the system of quality control. Its activity assists to adherence to active legislation of Ukraine, improvement of working conditions and realization of expectations of all interested parties. Information we receive from this department is used for system setting, improvement of processes, as well as regulation and introduction of changes.

Quality control of all processes
    Obligations of the employees of the quality control department with specialized education include performance of the following processes:

  • check of quality and technical peculiarities of products and parts, produced in the company, subject to the established norms, and correspondence to the expectations of the interested parties owing to standardized equipment,
  • execution of the necessary documentation on acceptance of materials from the customer and informing on correspondence or non-correspondence to standards, regulations, requirements pursuant to the order,
  • technical record-keeping and systematic analysis of inconsistencies, defects, damages of manufactured products,
  • control over elimination of reasons of drawbacks in the company with attraction of corresponding subdivisions and employees, responsible for this process,
  • control of package contents and packing of ready products,
  • supervision over reliability of delivery,
  • performance of measures for preservation of operability and precision of measuring tools, devices and adjustments, used in the company
  • technical improvement of production and control methods for increase of the product quality level and improvement of working conditions.
Quality management system

In the process of preparing an order for implementation, first of all the technical documentation of the future product is checked for compliance with the standards and normative and technical documents. A complete series of products is not allowed to be implemented without the confirmation of quality and compliance with the established requirements, drawings, contracting agreements, product passports and other documents.

The control over the output data of the product is carried out throughout the production process. We control the quality of the incoming material to offer our customers only the best metal. Each employee carries out operational control at his stage of work. The final control of all manufactured orders is carried out only by employees with appropriate qualifications.

According to the results of the monitoring and information provided by the quality control department, the management of the company increases the level of services, provides the company with the necessary material and financial resources and competent personnel to improve the organization of activities, improve the material and technical base, updating the documentation and increase the intellectual potential of the company.